Unique Traits of Good SEO Companies

A quick Google search of the existing SEO companies and SEO firms will likely turn up thousands of possible results. Generally speaking, all of these firms have the potential to help you turn your start-up or middle-scale business into a more profitable venture.
Good SEO CompanyUnfortunately while many of these firms might boast about being the best SEO companyout there, not all of them can truly deliver on their promises. To help you find a truly competent company, listed below are a few key traits that you should look for in your potential SEO provider. By arming yourself with knowledge of these necessary pieces beforehand, you can save yourself from making a potentially costly investment mistake.

Strategies should be Goal-oriented

The first thing that you should look for in your SEO company is their strategy or game plan. They should be willing to work for your benefit and take your brand and needed results into consideration. If they are not willing to collaborate with you and inquire about your personal business goals, then they might not have your interest in mind.

An SEO company that prioritizes their own goals over yours is not only one that is selfish but also one that likely lacks experience in working with clients.

Additionally, the end goal that the best SEO firms should work towards is an overall improvement in your revenue and not merely an increase in your online traffic. After all, not all traffic will necessarily benefit your company.
The type of traffic that will truly bring you a hefty return on investment is one that delivers more sales, investments, subscriptions, and truly brings in actual investors and clients.

Consultations and Client Advising

Naturally, there are certain trade secrets that SEO companies cannot share with their clients. Nevertheless, it is important that you get some form of consultation from your provider. Consultations usually require monetary compensation so you should get your money’s worth at the very least.
SEO Needs
In relation to the first trait, your SEO provider should be able to enlighten and educate you on the issues that you need to address regarding your website and SEO needs. It is especially important for owners of start-up companies to learn the basics of SEO and the actual services that an SEO company can offer. By prioritizing the importance of building a sense of trust with the client, the SEO consultant will also find it easier to establish a more long-lasting business relationship.

Placing Value on the User Experience

Aside from bringing in more web traffic, the best SEO company will also place great value on the actual user experience. After all, if a visitor is unable to understand the layout of a website or find what they need then they will not likely linger long enough to make an actual sale.

Again, similar to the importance of building a rapport with the business owner, the SEO consultant should also aim to establish rapport with the actual website users. Your chosen company should be able to demonstrate just how important the user experience is in bringing long-term and profitable web traffic. They should be able to provide you with a brief walkthrough of the possible issues that you could encounter with a certain design element on your site.

Practicing what they preach

A reputable SEO company is one that has carefully implemented their proposed strategies and goals onto their own website. After all, if their proposed optimization schemes are truly effective then they should be using those techniques for their own benefit. Make sure that you take the time to scrutinize the various features on their pages and check that the header tags, meta data, and title tags have all been properly optimized.

A Perfect Client Match

While it could be a wise choice to work with an SEO company that has a wide and extensive client list, it is ultimately better to choose a provider that is familiar with your specific needs. After all, if a company has worked with numerous past clients that have similar needs or businesses then they likely already have a working strategy in place that can provide guaranteed results. What works for one industry will not necessarily work for all, so it is better if the company you choose is already familiar with what works for the specific needs in your industry.

Internet Marketing

Providing Concrete Results

Though you can take the various feedbacks and testimonials of other satisfied clients at face value, the best way to test the effectiveness of a particular SEO company is to see the results for yourself. Go through the websites of their past clients and take note of the most prominent keywords. Afterwards, type in those keywords onto the search bar and see just how high they rank on the search engines.

A high rank could serve as a good indicator of their effectiveness as an SEO provider. Nevertheless, the Google search engine in particular can change its algorithm on an almost daily basis and this could affect the final rank of a certain site. For that reason, it is best if you take all of these traits into consideration before you choose your final SEO company.

Focus on the Customers to Succeed in Internet Marketing

Internet marketing, otherwise known as online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that generally involve the use of the internet to make sales.

The most important rule in internet marketing is to know your customer. Ask yourself the two most important questions regarding your potential consumers:

(1) who are they and
(2) how long can you keep them committed to your products? Marketers devote time and effort to keep their products on top of the racks. However, only some of them are able to make it. One of their most common mistakes is selling the wrong product in the wrong market.

Every company has two important and indispensable assets: money and time. This is why marketers need to be on top of their game by spreading the word out. Internet is slowly becoming a household need and almost every person in the entire world is aware of that. In fact, almost all of the world’s population participate in social networking sites and online shops. Therefore, knowing that almost all persons have access to the internet daily, marketers must upgrade their strategies to suit these online users in order to utilize their capital.

Internet MarketingIn Internet Marketing, everyone in the World Wide Web is a consumer. For example, a teenager watching an ad while playing an application from his phone is a possible buyer. A lady on social media who may come across an advertisement for an appealing dress is a possible buyer. Even an old couple browsing an online shop searching for new things can also become buyers as well. Always keep in mind that brilliant marketing may make all the difference between people walking away instead of reaching for their credit cards.

It is imperative to be familiar with your market base. Knowing your market base will help you determine your marketing strategies. For example, teenagers who enjoy playing games on their phones or tablets usually come across video advertisements that play automatically. What should the advertisers do to get his attention to lead him to eventually buy the game? The answer is that they have to know what kind of games he is interested in. If the teenager is playing a Role-playing game, otherwise known as an RPG, they should strategically show a new RPG game that he may want to try.

Online clothing stores are another example. Netizens who view the homepage of online shops usually see good deals that are displayed. It is not rare to see the phrases “fifty percent off,” or “buy one take one,” on these homepages. The marketers behind this strategically use these deals to compel people to buy more than they usually do.

The way into successful marketing is through the art of convincing. For example, you are in an online store and you see expensive sneakers that you probably do not need. However, overcome by thought or idea of owning a lavish product, you are thus compelled to buy the pair of shoes you initially had no intention of buying. The marketers strategically placed that same sneaker in a place where a person like you will see it. Did it work? Yes, the marketers research their customer base. Their customers may either be children, adults, the elderly, the youth, and so on. Whoever and wherever they may be, they are most probably being targeted by different online marketers.

In a nutshell, marketers use their strategies to lure people in the internet. Remember that in marketing, time is money. Thus, every campaign, advertisement, and strategy comes at a price. The one thing you should put into consideration is your customers. Having due diligence of knowing your market’s wants and needs will render you a lot of time and money, although you’ll have to be ready to work hard to accomplish such an important task. Your customers should be your top priority, if not then why else should your online business exist?

How to Gain Customers through SEO Explode

Great companies like SEO Explode know that SEO Customers are important in order for your company to grow. You can’t just have the same customers all the time—you need to widen your reach, or else, your business might go stale—and that’s not really what you’d want to happen.

Just like looking for a job, the search optimization firm knows that in order to promote Search engine optimization services, they have to let others know about it—and that’s why they made use of the following tips below:

Job/Gig SEO Boards

First and foremost, they know that advertising services is important. Some people go on Craigslist, but it does not stop there. If you’re scared of Craigslist’s reputation, you could check out other sites where you could tell people about what you’re trying to offer, such as offering affordable SEO services, you actually have to make your own account, and describe it as well as you can—or seek the help of content writers to do that for you! You can try joining the following sites below:






Referrals and Recommendations

Of course, it would still help if other people—especially your colleagues, former clients, and customers—could talk about how great of a Search engine optimization company your business is—and surely, SEO Explode has a lot of that.

Seo ServiceSee, people don’t just rely on what they read. They don’t just rely on reviews or on online descriptions. More often than not, they ask their colleagues before trying something out, especially if it has something to do with business. That’s why you have to make sure that you create a positive relationship with your peers—and with the people you have worked with. Give them something positive to talk about, and soon enough, you’ll have a growing number of customers and followers.

Proper Web Development and Design

Why? Well, to ensure that you’d have a high quality site, of course.
See, it’s not just all about the content. It’s also about how your site looks like. Say your website is www.seoexplode.com. You have the best content. Your content is smart, and keywords have been used strategically—and are not considered spam. But, what if your site just looks so cramped, with ugly fonts and colors that seem as if it has been made in the 90s?

Of course, that might make your readers feel uncomfortable because no one really wants to deal with sites that look and feel so outdated. Not to mention, if navigation is hard, chances are, people wouldn’t want to visit the site again because it might make their computers or mobile devices slower.

A list of Services and Rates

Don’t you just hate it when people post their list of available products and services but do not even say something about the rates? For example, you’d say that you have this website and you’re offering search engine optimization services. And that’s it. Now, when people ask you how much, you’d tell them to e-mail you somewhere. It’s just annoying.

The key here is to be upfront about what you’re offering. Don’t bait and switch, and don’t make people feel like they have to ask you, and let them go through numerous processes just to know how much your rates are. It just takes a whole lot of their time—and no one really wants that.

Getting Free Publicity

For example, you want to promote the site Seoexplode inc. Should you pay thousands of dollars for it? Of course not.

See, there are a lot of bloggers who would accept offers from you. They could hold interviews with you—even through email—and they can post it on their blogs with links to your site. You could even post as guest on their blogs and talk about something relevant to your site. They give you free publicity, and you give them free publicity, too!

Offer Discounts, Subscriptions, and Freebies

You can’t really promote something without giving your customers or potential customers freebies. See, it’s a nice way of getting their attention—of making them feel like you’re ready to serve them, and that you’re not just all about the profit.

Freebies don’t always have to be tangible. For example, if you want more followers on seoexplode.com, you could give them coupons that they could use online, discounts on your products and services, or even price slashes when it comes to subscriptions. Be creative and generous and they’ll come knocking at your door!

Be active on social media

Finally, don’t forget to be active on your social media accounts. Share your posts, retweet comments, and don’t forget to thank your followers for retweeting or liking your posts. If people ask you something, answer them—don’t be the kind of person who doesn’t care about his clients.

Getting new customers is not always easy, but it also should not be considered a problem. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on the right track!

3 Reasons You Should Blog More and Stop Worrying About SEO Code Updates

InternetWhen you start to look at the various SEO blogs and sites that are proliferating the internet right now, you are going to find that there is a lot of mindless chatter about what you should do to “game” the system. Some are even advocating that you should blog less, and focus only on optimization strategies including updating pages that have been dormant. At first glance, this may seem to be a good thing, but what some professionals are forgetting, may shock them and will definitely shock you. The forgotten element here is the fact that blogs get ranked high and fast when it comes to optimization. Even if you had terrible onsite code structure, if you were to update a blog with 100% unique, new, relevant information on a daily basis, you could triumph in a world that claims you need to have amazing, brilliant, and relevant code updates.

When you’re cycling through reasons why you should blog more, you should consider a few standouts. There’s a reason why professional SEO firms are advocating content over just code, and it’s interesting to see why.

Blogs Live and Die With Updates

Long time blogs that have stopped updating as much are slowly dwindling in terms of traffic. The writers and webmasters of these blogs have either moved onto something else or are no longer concerned with updating on a regular schedule. When this sets in, you will find that traffic and rankings plummet fast. When they have plummeted and ranks are no longer high, there’s no real easy way to return. Even if you were to take a huge pause from blogging to work out all the kinks with SEO, you would find that the traffic will not just magically come back.

The playing field in terms of optimization today, has been leveled. One of the major reasons it has been completely changed is because of the latest algorithm shifts that Google has done. Other search engines have also fallen suit, keeping bloggers on their toes and demanding more unique and high quality content.

Content Still Runs The Internet

Optimization StrategiesThe adage of “content is king” continues to proliferate the world of SEO. No matter how you slice it, you will have to work on this, and that doesn’t mean that you’ll be working with HTML, or any other type of code. If you only worked on the design and implementation of the best optimization strategies, and didn’t update the blog or other constantly updated sections of your site, you would find that rank can disappear. People don’t want to see a slick site, as much as they want answers to their question.

Think about search results at the basic level. A person asks a question through various keywords, and it’s specific. The results then give them the answer and it’s based on more than just keywords and phrases. Content matters here, because if the content doesn’t match the answer to the question, the end user goes back to search again and again, clicking through sites and sponsored links until they get the answer. If your content isn’t answering a question, then you need to rethink the strategy that you have for SEO.

Blogging Updates Don’t Mean Frivolous or Duplicate Content

The number one takeaway from all of this in terms of SEO code updates versus blogging, is simple. Content needs to be relevant, unique, and written for humans. Too many people focus on keyword density, repetition, and focus on trying to “game” the system instead of offering the end user something that they can use. When you focus on the wrong sides of optimization, traffic suffers. If you want to make an impact online, it’s imperative that you blog with a purpose and you do so with the reader in mind. They matter more than the search engine, and will always bring results.