How to Gain Customers through SEO Explode

Great companies like SEO Explode know that SEO Customers are important in order for your company to grow. You can’t just have the same customers all the time—you need to widen your reach, or else, your business might go stale—and that’s not really what you’d want to happen.

Just like looking for a job, the search optimization firm knows that in order to promote Search engine optimization services, they have to let others know about it—and that’s why they made use of the following tips below:

Job/Gig SEO Boards

First and foremost, they know that advertising services is important. Some people go on Craigslist, but it does not stop there. If you’re scared of Craigslist’s reputation, you could check out other sites where you could tell people about what you’re trying to offer, such as offering affordable SEO services, you actually have to make your own account, and describe it as well as you can—or seek the help of content writers to do that for you! You can try joining the following sites below:






Referrals and Recommendations

Of course, it would still help if other people—especially your colleagues, former clients, and customers—could talk about how great of a Search engine optimization company your business is—and surely, SEO Explode has a lot of that.

Seo ServiceSee, people don’t just rely on what they read. They don’t just rely on reviews or on online descriptions. More often than not, they ask their colleagues before trying something out, especially if it has something to do with business. That’s why you have to make sure that you create a positive relationship with your peers—and with the people you have worked with. Give them something positive to talk about, and soon enough, you’ll have a growing number of customers and followers.

Proper Web Development and Design

Why? Well, to ensure that you’d have a high quality site, of course.
See, it’s not just all about the content. It’s also about how your site looks like. Say your website is You have the best content. Your content is smart, and keywords have been used strategically—and are not considered spam. But, what if your site just looks so cramped, with ugly fonts and colors that seem as if it has been made in the 90s?

Of course, that might make your readers feel uncomfortable because no one really wants to deal with sites that look and feel so outdated. Not to mention, if navigation is hard, chances are, people wouldn’t want to visit the site again because it might make their computers or mobile devices slower.

A list of Services and Rates

Don’t you just hate it when people post their list of available products and services but do not even say something about the rates? For example, you’d say that you have this website and you’re offering search engine optimization services. And that’s it. Now, when people ask you how much, you’d tell them to e-mail you somewhere. It’s just annoying.

The key here is to be upfront about what you’re offering. Don’t bait and switch, and don’t make people feel like they have to ask you, and let them go through numerous processes just to know how much your rates are. It just takes a whole lot of their time—and no one really wants that.

Getting Free Publicity

For example, you want to promote the site Seoexplode inc. Should you pay thousands of dollars for it? Of course not.

See, there are a lot of bloggers who would accept offers from you. They could hold interviews with you—even through email—and they can post it on their blogs with links to your site. You could even post as guest on their blogs and talk about something relevant to your site. They give you free publicity, and you give them free publicity, too!

Offer Discounts, Subscriptions, and Freebies

You can’t really promote something without giving your customers or potential customers freebies. See, it’s a nice way of getting their attention—of making them feel like you’re ready to serve them, and that you’re not just all about the profit.

Freebies don’t always have to be tangible. For example, if you want more followers on, you could give them coupons that they could use online, discounts on your products and services, or even price slashes when it comes to subscriptions. Be creative and generous and they’ll come knocking at your door!

Be active on social media

Finally, don’t forget to be active on your social media accounts. Share your posts, retweet comments, and don’t forget to thank your followers for retweeting or liking your posts. If people ask you something, answer them—don’t be the kind of person who doesn’t care about his clients.

Getting new customers is not always easy, but it also should not be considered a problem. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll be on the right track!