3 Reasons You Should Blog More and Stop Worrying About SEO Code Updates

InternetWhen you start to look at the various SEO blogs and sites that are proliferating the internet right now, you are going to find that there is a lot of mindless chatter about what you should do to “game” the system. Some are even advocating that you should blog less, and focus only on optimization strategies including updating pages that have been dormant. At first glance, this may seem to be a good thing, but what some professionals are forgetting, may shock them and will definitely shock you. The forgotten element here is the fact that blogs get ranked high and fast when it comes to optimization. Even if you had terrible onsite code structure, if you were to update a blog with 100% unique, new, relevant information on a daily basis, you could triumph in a world that claims you need to have amazing, brilliant, and relevant code updates.

When you’re cycling through reasons why you should blog more, you should consider a few standouts. There’s a reason why professional SEO firms are advocating content over just code, and it’s interesting to see why.

Blogs Live and Die With Updates

Long time blogs that have stopped updating as much are slowly dwindling in terms of traffic. The writers and webmasters of these blogs have either moved onto something else or are no longer concerned with updating on a regular schedule. When this sets in, you will find that traffic and rankings plummet fast. When they have plummeted and ranks are no longer high, there’s no real easy way to return. Even if you were to take a huge pause from blogging to work out all the kinks with SEO, you would find that the traffic will not just magically come back.

The playing field in terms of optimization today, has been leveled. One of the major reasons it has been completely changed is because of the latest algorithm shifts that Google has done. Other search engines have also fallen suit, keeping bloggers on their toes and demanding more unique and high quality content.

Content Still Runs The Internet

Optimization StrategiesThe adage of “content is king” continues to proliferate the world of SEO. No matter how you slice it, you will have to work on this, and that doesn’t mean that you’ll be working with HTML, or any other type of code. If you only worked on the design and implementation of the best optimization strategies, and didn’t update the blog or other constantly updated sections of your site, you would find that rank can disappear. People don’t want to see a slick site, as much as they want answers to their question.

Think about search results at the basic level. A person asks a question through various keywords, and it’s specific. The results then give them the answer and it’s based on more than just keywords and phrases. Content matters here, because if the content doesn’t match the answer to the question, the end user goes back to search again and again, clicking through sites and sponsored links until they get the answer. If your content isn’t answering a question, then you need to rethink the strategy that you have for SEO.

Blogging Updates Don’t Mean Frivolous or Duplicate Content

The number one takeaway from all of this in terms of SEO code updates versus blogging, is simple. Content needs to be relevant, unique, and written for humans. Too many people focus on keyword density, repetition, and focus on trying to “game” the system instead of offering the end user something that they can use. When you focus on the wrong sides of optimization, traffic suffers. If you want to make an impact online, it’s imperative that you blog with a purpose and you do so with the reader in mind. They matter more than the search engine, and will always bring results.